Issue of November 2019 (2401 downloads)

This is the November 2019 issue of Asian Military Review. This is not the latest issue.
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Editorial Topics:

  • Sea Power: Unmanned Transformation: How is the Royal Australian Navy looking to incorporate unmanned platforms as it returns to maritime task group operations? Dr. Lee Willett finds out.
  • Air Power: Cheaper Options for Ground Attack: Alan Warnes takes a look at the options now available to Air Forces that need a ground attack capability without paying 4th or 5th Gen attack jet prices.
  • Land Warfare: Renewing the Assault: There is now an increased focus on making assault rifles more user friendly through a variety of techniques, as Grant Turnbull reports.
  • Land Warfare: HF Radio: Still Valid after 100 years: The appeal of HF Radio endures, even after nearly a century of service. Dr. Thomas Withington reaffirms its validity to the modern military.
  • Air Power: Rising Dragons: China’s Fighter Development Comes of Age: JR Ng takes a fascinating look at China’s new front line fighter development and capability.
  • Land Warfare: Ballistic Missile Shields: Debalina Ghoshal examines the advantages of obtaining a ballistic missile defence capability.
  • Regional: The Politics of Defence: Andrew Drwiega asks how a surprise choice new Defence Minister will impact on the modernisation of Indonesia’s armed forces.
  • Analyst Column: Employing ‘The Barca Method’ using Submarines: Ben Ho asks if ‘the Barca Method’ could be more useful to defence strategists than anyone on the terraces could ever imagine.
Issue of November 2019 (2401 downloads)