Rosoboronexport starts active promotion of Sniper Firearms of Russian Brand “Lobaev Arms”


JSC “Rosoboronexport” (part of the Rostec State Corporation) and private Russian enterprise LLC “KBIS” (owners of the “Lobaev Arms” trade mark) started implementation of the long-term plan of activities, which was signed between the two parties, and aimed at joint export promotion of the TM “Lobaev Arms” high-precision sniper (hunting) rifle.

“Lobaev Arms” rifles (sniper rifles DVL-10M1 “Diversant”, TSVL-8 “Stalingrad”, DXL-4 “Sevastopol” and others) are already included in Rosoboronexport’s catalogue in Section “Civilian and Service Weapons”, as well as in a specialized catalogue, titled as “Anti-terrorist Assets”. Besides, since 2020 “Lobaev Arms” rifles will be demonstrated as part of Rosoboronexport’s exhibits at industry-specific foreign arms shows. Potential foreign customers and professional shooters/snipers will be able to see those rifles during negotiations in Russia as well, including a chance to take part directly in trials at testing grounds with appropriate layout of training targets.

“We proudly tell out foreign partners: in Russia we have skillful gunmakers not only in high-tech enterprises of defence-industrial complex, which is quite natural, but also in small private firms. “Lobaev Arms” rifles were created by absolute fans of sniper shooting and simultaneously skilled businessmen, who started from scratch and built a complicated process of production of high-precision long-range weapons. I am confident that foreign specialists will duly appreciate the excellent quality as well as very high accuracy and other characteristics of these rifles. There is a demand for such firearms in the world. Russia is able of satisfying these needs in full scale, no matter which range of fire and calibers we are speaking about, as our country produces all types of firearms and ammunition,” said Rosoboronexport’s Deputy Director General Igor Sevastianov.

Nowadays, Rosoboronexport is working in a pro-active manner to promote foreign sales of non-military and service weapons of Russia’s production, possessing for this all the necessary export competences and a colossal practice of successful implementation of various projects in the area of military and technical cooperation. The key potential customers of such weapons are the police and special services of foreign states, as well as sporting and hunting clubs.

In 2017, after the approval of changes to the Russian law “On Weapons”, Rosoboronexport received a right to export civilian firearms, in addition to combat weapons. This has created the most comfortable conditions for concluding complex foreign trade contracts, giving foreign partners an opportunity to purchase the whole spectrum of needed weapons from a single reliable exporter on a “one contract” principle. Representatives of partner states highly praised these changes in legislation. As a result, already in 2018 Rosoboronexport concluded and implemented the first export contract on the delivery of Russian-made sporting rifles and cartridges to them.