SEA launches Tailored ASW Training


SEA is launching a tailorable Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) Training Service at D&S19. The new training capability, available in 2020, complements SEA’s innovative Krait Defence System, providing a complete cost-effective ASW solution for navies of all sizes, covering training and equipment provision.

The tailored training service, comprised of four distinct packages, utilises the latest training and simulation technologies and is designed using the principles of the UK Defence Systems Approach to Training. This process is used to define and develop UK military training solutions to provide realistic and operationally relevant training scenarios based on a customer’s area of operation and potential threats.

Package one, which focuses on knowledge, will be tailored to the needs, experience and knowledge of the customer and can be delivered in a classroom or accessed online. The second package enables users at all levels of the command chain to train interactively using real applications in a simulated environment representative of the South East Asia region. The remaining packages are focused on the sonar operator and maintainer.

“Launching a cutting-edge ASW training system enables us to be a single provider for equipment and training solutions,” said Steve Hill, managing director, SEA. “Utilising the very latest in simulation technology and delivery methods, our new service not only allows training to be tailored based on each individual customer’s specific needs but enables us to deliver training worldwide. The system is exceptionally realistic and also provides operationally relevant training scenarios to assist the warfighter, whether the training takes place in a classroom, or while deployed on operations.”

The cutting-edge training software is delivered in partnership with Antycip Simulation, who has provided the software licence for VT MAKs VR-Forces Computer Generated Forces (CGF) platform. This will generate the tactical scenario for the Collective Command / Team Trainer package of the service.