This is the December 2019 issue of Asian Military Review. This is not the latest issue.
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Editorial Topics:

  • Sea Power: Brown Water Specialists: Tim Fish asks whether the skills and capability to conduct riverine patrolling get forgotten after every conflict.
  • Air Power: Logistics Lifters: The range of military transport aircraft available to Asian military operators keeps growing, as David Oliver explains.
  • Land Warfare: Knowledge is a Fine Thing: Steven M. Miller examines squad and platoon battlefield communications, and debates how much information (voice and data) a soldier in the field really needs.
  • Land Warfare: Negating the Night: Michael Gething provides a comprehensive review of night system technology, particularly as it applies to land and maritime use.
  • Regional: High Readiness Remains: JR Ng takes a look at South Korea’s armed forces, and finds that population change will affect manpower and herald greater use of unmanned systems.
  • Analyst Column: The Value of Shore Based Air Power for Maritime Strike: Ben Ho suggests that using shore based air power for maritime attack is a skill that needs to be urgently reviewed.
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