Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering (KPE) Delivers New Batch of Armoured Vehicles


Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering (KPE), a joint venture between the global aerospace and technology business Paramount Group and Kazakhstan Engineering, has successfully delivered a series of “Arlan” 4×4 mine-protected armoured wheeled vehicles (AWVs) to Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Defense and Special Services Division.

The Kazakhstan-produced Arlan, the winterized variant of Paramount’s iconic “Marauder”, is a land system designed to operate in extreme environments to meet the extensive mission requirements undertaken by Kazakhstan’s armed forces, such as long-range border patrol or quick reaction force operations.

Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering began production of the Arlan in-country in November of 2015, with the vehicle unveiled at the ‘KADEX 2016’ Defence Expo.

The armoured vehicles are characterised by their unique, clean-sheet design, high ballistic protection and adaptability to the harsh conditions of Kazakhstan and the wider region. These features include pre-ignition engine heating, an outstanding temperature control system that can carry personnel safely and comfortably (winterized for temperatures as low as – 50 degrees Celsius and summer temperatures of up to 50 degrees Celsius).

Arlan features include a modular design and double-skin monocoque, V-shaped hull structure, capable of withstanding the debris and dissipating energy of explosions while offering increased protection against mine blasts. The vehicle provides STANAG 4569 level 3 ballistic protection against small arms ammunition and STANAG 4569 levels 3a and 3b blast protection against mine explosions, while withstanding mine blasts of 10kg TNT beneath its hull, 10kg TNT beneath any wheel and a 50kg TNT side blast explosion to protect against roadside bombs and IEDs. The vehicle is further equipped with radiation, chemical and biological protection (RCB) which can address the challenges of radiation dust spread, gas and/or biological attacks, along with filter–ventilation equipment able to purify the air inside the cabin for several hours.

Despite its advanced protection and the ability to handle up to a 4,500kg payload, the Arlan offers unrivaled versatility in the field, reaching speeds of up to 120km per hour, while traveling up to a distance of 700km. The vehicle can ford at 1.2m while able to climb grades of 60% and side slopes of 35%.

The Arlan Armoured Vehicles are locally manufactured at the 15,000m2 KPE armoured vehicle factory, one of the largest and most modern armoured vehicle factories in the region, with the KPE design teams proficient in customising the armoured carriers as required by customers in the region.

Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering looks to further bolster the Eurasian nation’s industrial capacity development in future by expanding into new aerial, land and maritime production lines.

Ivor Ichikowitz, Group Chairman of Paramount Group said: “The strong growth of Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering, driven through indigenous manufacturing solutions, has been an important success story. The portable manufacturing model that we have pioneered around the world has enhanced indigenous capability, high-skills training and local expertise. The delivery of yet another significant batch of armoured vehicles to the customer is testament to the commitment, hard work and skills set of the KPE team. We look forward to playing a long-term role with our partners in Kazakhstan in enhancing local capabilities, fueling next-generation employment opportunities and economic growth in the process”.