This is the February 2020 issue of Asian Military Review. This is not the latest issue.
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Editorial Topics:

  • Frigates Stepping-up: Frigates are being designed with more multi-mission flexibility, as Dr Lee Willett explains.
  • The Generation Game: Fifth generation aircraft acquisition in Asia is in part being driven by China’s own progress as Alan Warnes reports.
  • UGV – Transitioning Capability: Andrew Drwiega reviews how both Australia and Singapore are planning to use UGVs.
  • Not Yet War of the Worlds: Andrew Drwiega learns about the progress being made by the Dragonfire consortium in the development of laser weapons.
  • Mumble in the Jungle: Thomas Withington takes a look at how to overcome the difficulties of radio communications in jungle terrain.
  • Singapore Keeps Its Spear Tip Sharp: JR Ng examines the current modernisation plans for Singapore’s armed forces.
  • Analyst Column: Ben Ho examines the impact of Singapore’s decision to become an F-35 operator.
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