This is the March 2020 issue of Asian Military Review. This is not the latest issue.
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Editorial Topics:

  • Pushing Back With OPVs: Offshore patrol vessels are increasingly being viewed as a solution to Economic Zone protection. Tim Fish reports.
  • A Deeper Growl: Mark Ayton discusses how the US Navy’s electronic warfare EA-18G Growler is being substantially improved.
  • Asia-Pacific UAV Directory 2020: JR Ng presents a country-by-country guide to military UAV ownership, development and future acquisition.
  • Foot Slogger Firepower: Stephen W. Miller reviews up and coming automatic rifles and machine guns for combat troops.
  • Better Than Ever?: Arguably Australia’s Collins class submarines have come of age. Dr. Lee Willett details the reasons why.
  • Alliances Drive Australian Defence Spending: Tim Fish outlines the driving forces behind Australian defence modernisation.
  • Analyst Column: Ben Ho discusses air defence in the context of cruise missiles and UAV threats.
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