This is the September/October 2020 issue of Asian Military Review. This is not the latest issue.
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Editorial Topics:

  • Underwater Force Multipliers: Dr. Alix Valenti dives into how developments in underwater unmanned platforms may breach hostile A2/AD areas.
  • Ferreting Around for Secrets: Martin Streetly examines Chinese and Russian airborne ISR capabilities in Asia, and how nations such as Japan have ‘snoops’ of their own.
  • Air Defence Reawakens: As air defence resurfaces on military requirements lists, Stephen W. Miller discusses current capabilities.
  • Huawei’s Perceived Threat Explained: Much has been made of Huawei’s threat to national security structures. Tom Withington clears the static on what to consider.
  • SOF Challenges as Great Power Rivalry Builds: Andrew White examines the needs of Asian SOF just outside of peer-to-peer conflict.
  • COVID Adds to Malaysian Defence Funding Problems: Finding funds for the Malaysian armed forces has never been straightforward, and that was before the pandemic struck. Dzirhan Mahadzir reports.
  • Analysts Column: Ben Ho compares the benefits and drawbacks of smaller Lightning carriers against their larger, ‘ready for anything’ brethren.
Issue of September/October 2020 (2240 downloads)