Thai Marines Choose NORINCO VN16

VN16 Amphibious Assault Tank.

The Thai Government announced is has signed a contract with China’s NORINO for VN16 Amphibious Assault Tanks for the Thai Marine Forces.   

The VN16 is the export version of the ZTN-05 used by the PLA Naval Marines and sports a fully stablized105mm rifled main gun. 

It is capable of firing a range of ammunitions including high velocity armoured piercing, HEAT and High Explosive as well as a cannon launcher laser guided missile. Digital fire controls, laser ranging, and on-board navigation are included. 

The VN16 is fully amphibious and twin water jets giving a water speed of 28 kmph. Frontal protection addresses 25mm with side and rear against 7.62mm AP. 

It is expected the Marines will operate from the Type 071E Landing Platform Dock also being acquired from the Peoples Republic of China.

by Stephen W. Miller