SMART SHOOTER Integrates the SMASH Hopper on Plasan Re’em Armored 4×4 Technical Vehicle


SMART SHOOTER, a world-class designer, developer, and manufacturer of innovative fire control systems that significantly increase the accuracy and lethality of small arms, announces that it has successfully completed another step in testing the SMASH Hopper in different configurations.

SMASH Hopper, SMART SHOOTER’s Light Remote-Controlled Weapon Station (LRCWS), was mounted on Plasan Reem’s Armored Toyota Hilux and successfully shot and hit several moving ground and air targets from more than 300 meters.

Weighing approximately 15 Kg, SMASH Hopper is a modular and rapidly deployable LRCWS that provides “One Shot – One Hit” capability while controlled by an operator from a safe distance or from inside a protected vehicle.

Best in weight class, SMASH Hopper is ideal for deployment on various lightweight manned and unmanned vehicles & platforms, with a wide range of applications. Offering day and night capability with automatic scanning and target detection, SMASH Hopper is ideal for multiple mission scenarios including force protection, border security, anti-drone, remote ambush, as well as low profile operations at complex urban environments.

Michal Mor, Smart Shooter CEO: “We were happy to collaborate with Plasan Re’em for the development of capabilities in this market segment, and appreciate the professional work they did in the integration and installation of the SMASH Hopper on their modified armored 4×4 vehicle. This is another step in a series of trials for different configurations and applications of the SMASH Hopper, and once again, we were thrilled to see how every bullet finds its target.”

Yaakov Ben-Ari, Plasan Re’em CEO: “Integrating SMART SHOOTER’s SMASH Hopper lightweight RCWS that provides “One Shot – One Hit” capability on Plasan Re’em modified armored 4X4 vehicle creates a tiebreaker solution that dramatically increases accuracy, lethality, and survivability of small arms. Ideal for Special forces, law enforcement units, and border security, this integrated solution brings essential added value to its users, especially in scenarios where weight, time, and precision play an indispensable role.”