Pantsir air defense system gets a new customer in Asia

Russia will supply Myanmar Pantsir-S1 with anti-aircraft missile and gun systems, reported officially the Russian Ministry of Defense on 22nd January.

The document was signed during the visit of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation General of the Army Sergei Shoigu to Myanmar.*(see the bottom of the article for more information).

Pantsir-S1 system is intended to intercept aircraft, helicopters, cruise missiles and high-precision weapons, guided air bombs and unmanned aerial vehicles. The system is considered to be most effective when providing the point defense in the framework of the larger air defense network. It can also engage lightly-armored ground targets.

The major advantages of Pantsir-S1 system, according to its developer and producer KBP Instrument Design Bureau, are the versatility of combat use, capability of firing on the move, modular design, jamming-​resistant multiband radar-optical control system, simultaneous engagement of multiply targets.

In January 2020 TASS interview Valery Slugin, the chief air defense designer KBP, said that that the system shot down about 100 drones around the world over the course of its service.

At the Victory Day Parade in Moscow on 24th June 2020 the Russian Armed Forces showcased at once three versions of Pantsir air defense system: Pantsir-S1, the latest modification Pantsir-S1M and the special Arctic version Pantsir-SA. The international premiere of Pantsir-SM (the export modification of Pantsir-S1M) took place at ARMY expo in 2019 in Russia.

KBP has also developed the naval modification – Pantsir-M (Pantsir-ME – for export).

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