MILDEF HMAV 4×4 Successfully Completes First Round of Military Evaluation Testing


After its public unveiling in February, the MILDEF 4×4 High Mobility Armoured Vehicle (HMAV) has successfully organised its first round of evaluation testing at various training grounds throughout Malaysia.

Conducted across nine days, the MILDEF HMAV 4×4 was subjected to 700 km of road testing and 300 km off-road, as well as being put through the paces on an obstacle course.

Testing was conducted by teams from the Malaysian Army and Defence Science and Technology Research Institute (STRIDE) as well as MILDEF, with driving duties performed by army personnel. The HMAV was subjected to testing such as highway endurance, fuel efficiency, load, winching, slope, mounting and dismounting, climbing and braking, including a one-metre fording test.


“MILDEF is satisfied at the performance of the HMAV during this very important first round of testing. We are now planning to conduct testing at several other locations,” said Datuk Sri Mohd Nizam bin Kasa, Chief Executive Officer of MILDEF.

Designed to withstand munitions such as 7.62 mm armour piercing rounds and mines, the HMAV is built to Stanag 4569 Level 2 military standard. Weighing 13.2 tonnes, the HMAV is powered by a Caterpillar Diesel engine displacing 7,200 cc and producing 330 hp. This gives the HMAV a power to weight ratio of 24 hp per tonne and during testing, the vehicle reached a test speed of 110 km/h.

A Malaysian company based in Kuala Lumpur specialising in providing automotive services for the defence industry in Malaysia, MILDEF recently unveiled their own 4×4 high mobility armoured vehicle for the local and international market.

Armed with a high-skilled team of experts, MILDEF has a proven track record in all aspects of the heavy equipment maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO). In line with the company’s next phase of development, it has ventured into developing combat vehicle that is able to perform impactfully in both man-made and natural terrain.

1. a.     22 Feb 21- Inspection & Data Collection at STRIDE

b.     23 Feb 21- Mildef in Sepang to Kuantan, Pahang (without load)

c.     24 Feb 21 –Kuantan to Kemaman (with 1 ton load, sandy test and winching test)

–       Kemaman to Kota Bharu (Fuel efficiency)

d.     26 Feb 21- Kota Bharu to Sg Petani (brake, climbing and fuel efficiency)

e.     27 Feb 21 – Sg Petani to Mildef in Sepang (Highway Endurance)

f.      2 Mac 21 – Mildef HQ in Sepang to Gemas (braking test/winching test/troop mounted and dismounted drill/1 meter fording test)

g.     3 Mac 21 – Obstacle test and off road test

h.     4 Mac 21 – Off road test

–       Gemas to Mildef HQ in Sepang (Highway test)

i.       5 Mac 21 – Weight test/side slope test at STRIDE. 60% climb – Sg Merab