Ka-52 attack helicopter completes test launches of Vikhr missiles


The Kalashnikov Group has announced the completion of the flight tests of the Vikhr AT-16 Scallion anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs). During the trials, a Kamov Ka-52 Hokum-B combat-reconnaissance helicopter conducted 22 missile launches.

“The modernization has resulted in an increase of the probability of hitting targets at short ranges, and the flight stability was improved. These upgrades were introduced without changing the missile’s core characteristics. The trials confirmed the effect of the upgrades. Earlier, the possibility to hit targets at ranges of up to 10 kilometers, considerably higher than the specifications introduced during the development of the missile, had been positively assessed”, reported the Kalashnikov.

According to the company, the missile produces a cruise speed reaches 610 m/s and a range of 800 – 10,000 m. Its warhead can penetrate the 750 mm rolled homogeneous armor (RHA) behind explosive reactive armor (ERA).

The Ka-52 Alligator, which is produced by the Rostec’s Russian Helicopters holding, combines functions of attack, reconnaissance and command helicopters. Thanks to its coaxial rotor system, it can perform new types of maneuvers, including funnels and flat turns, thus enabling it to effectively engage moving targets in their less protected areas.

The Ka-52 is fitted with signature control devices as well as active counter-measures. It has a two-seat cockpit and can be flown by either pilot. It is also the world’s only helicopter equipped with a seat ejection system.

The helicopter’s armament suite comprises a 2A42-1 30 mm automatic gun, Igla-S air-to-air missiles, and Vikhr and Ataka ATGMs.

The other major advantages of the Alligator are said to be its high effectiveness in the mountains and over the sea surface, low sensitivity to wind impacts, high combat survivability, as well as the open architecture of the avionics, which makes possible the installation of the systems upon the operator’s choice. Klimov VK-2500 turboshaft engines allow the helicopter to operate at altitudes above 5,000 m.

A dedicated simulator system, which provides training capabilities for piloting, navigation, and combat missions both within the operational envelope and at emergencies, has been developed for Ka-52 by CSTS Dinamika (a subsidiary of Rostec’s holding Technodinamika).