ASELSAN – A Front Runner in the Tactical Communication Field


ASELSAN provides state-of-the-art military communication technologies enabling user access through secure radio networking solutions in the tactical field.

Being its top selling product family, the next generation Software Defined Radios (SDRs) are used in more than 20 countries and integrated onto 100 platforms, proving ASELSAN’s capability and experience in the communication field.

SDRs are considered as a platform that hosts a number of waveforms addressing specific needs of the different users –as an analogy: those are the applications running on todays’ smart phones. Based on the user requirements: when the priority demand is a high data rate communication, WBNR (Broadband Waveform) is used. When the need is a command control communication then NBNR (Command Control Waveform) is used. A third option would be a long distance communication that may require another waveform.

ASELSAN is also one of few companies in the field that offers the capability of transferring the technology of producing these SDRs to strategic partner countries.