Defence Exports Conference Chairman, Mr Gary Stanley, President at Global Legal Services Exclusive Interview released

SMi Group reports: Defence Exports Conference chairman Mr Gary Stanley features in an exclusive interview ahead of the conference on 15-16 September 2021.

With only 5 weeks to go until the 15th Annual Defence Exports Conference, SMi Group have been catching up with industry experts about how the conference will shape the defence and aerospace field as well as challenges that are still faced in the defence export sector.

SMi’s 15th Annual Defence Exports Conference returns to explore emerging issues and challenges facing the defence trade in 2021, sharing best practices on how leading organisations manage their global trade programmes, convening on 15–16 September 2021.

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SMi Group are delighted that Mr Gary Stanley, President at Global Legal Service is returning as conference chairman for 2021.

He will feature amongst a panel discussion on Day One discussing: “Training the Global Practitioner On U.S. Trade Compliance: Practical Approaches”

Below is a snapshot of the interview:

Where do you see the future challenges for export control regime compliance moving forward?

“First, the United States and its allies are moving away from imposing country-wide controls and sanctions.  Instead, they are using more targeted actions against specific individuals, companies, and organizations within a given country of concern. This increases the need to conduct often difficult due diligence about one’s trading partners. Second, the convergence of trade compliance controls and cybersecurity mandates continues to grow. Third, many countries are also imposing new types of restrictions on imports (e.g., bans on importation of goods produced with forced labour), foreign direct investment, and government procurement to supplement their traditional export controls and sanctions. This again increases the need for increased due diligence to keep business operations running smoothly.”

How will this year’s Defence Exports conference help shape best practice for the defence and aerospace community?

“The emphasis in choosing speakers and panels for Defence Exports is always on providing attendees with best practice takeaways. This year’s event is no different. Besides having the opportunity to test their companies’ best practice through Q&A with an outstanding array of government speakers, attendees will also hear from leading practitioners on such diverse topics as trade compliance automation, employee training, cybersecurity, supply chain management, and compliance programs for international joint ventures. I challenge anyone to attend Defence Exports 2021 and not come away with a multitude of ideas for improving compliance programs.”

Visit the website, ‘download centre’ to view the full chairman’s interview, plus ten more exclusive speaker interviews.


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SMi’s 15th Annual Defence Exports Conference
15–16 September 2021
London, UK