Leading Edge VCSEL Technology Inside the Wilcox RAID Xe

Utilizing the latest Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) technology, the Wilcox Ruggedized Aiming/Illumination Device-Enhanced, commonly referred to as the RAID Xe™, provides the end user with an enormous advantage over currently deployed laser sighting systems (The ‘Xe’ defines the device as being enhanced with networking capabilities). The majority of current laser sighting systems utilize the standard Edge Emitting Lasers (EEL) or Light Emitting Diodes (LED) which are dated laser technology. Because the lasers on the VCSEL are discharged perpendicular to the surface, this allows for thousands of focused beams to be checked and aligned to produce a single, more predictable and controlled laser beam.

The advantages of which are:

  • Superior laser beam quality
  • No beam ‘Speckles’ associated with dated laser technology
  • Beam uniformity with no ‘Dead’ spots while in the IR Modes
  • Enhanced beam clarity and distance allowing for the positive identification and engagement of potential targets during night time operations

The Wilcox RAID Xe advantages highlight its own compelling value and lethality! The RAID Xe also offers the end user with the several tactical advantages due to the units overall size, weight and unique features. With a weight of approximately 137 grams (without the single C123 Battery), and the overall width and length of about a typical business card, the RAID Xe doesn’t fatigue the end user while aiming their weapon nor require excessive rail space once mounted. The RAID Xe is the only laser sighting system which is equipped with a 40-degree LED Room illuminator for Close Quarter Combat (CQB) missions, where the use of the aiming and IR lasers would be hazardous. This additional feature allows end users to check and secure hallways and rooms, while not over saturating these specific areas with laser beams.

The RAID Xe system was designed utilizing end user experience and feedback. The need for a smaller, lighter and stronger laser aiming device was our goal and the RAID Xe answered the mail. With the additional features noted and the ability of the end user to identify and engage targets quicker and at further distances due to the superb VSCEL suite of lasers keeps our end users safer in stressful, hostile environments. The Wilcox RAID Xe is a complete ‘Turn-Key’ solution for any environment where reliability, quick target acquisition and identification are required for successful outcomes, it truly is State of the Art in laser sighting systems.


  • Real time-shared data with the Armorer’s Module for BlueforceCOMMAND to maintain the weapon.
  • Maintenance counter: Monitors the total amounts of rounds fired from the weapon similar to an odometer in a vehicle.
  • Temperature monitoring: Monitors weapon temperature and can forward data based on high and low thresholds.
  • Health/power: Monitors and reports maintenance lags or issues as part of the movement of shots, temperature, and location.
  • Offline queue: BTAC will hold presence packets when connectivity is denied. When BTAC sees an approved network, it forwards packets cached during offline operations.
  • Network friendly selective synchronization: Plugin may be configured to send ALL shot records, or only send those where shot count and/or temperature have changed.

To learn more about the RAID Xe or download technical data, visit our RAID Xe product page today!