Roketsan’s Fuse Technology Centre Offers Effective and Reliable Solutions in International Standards

Roketsan-developed fuses are one of the critical components of its constantly growing product range, each member of which is a leading product in its category, in its Fuse Technology Centre, as national and indigenous products.

Roketsan took over Tapasan in 2012, obtaining the necessary capabilities and technological infrastructure in the field of fuse design, production, testing and qualification. Constantly continuing its efforts to create qualified human resources and to invest in high-tech equipment, Roketsan opened the Fuse Technology Centre, for the establishment of a modern infrastructure, in 2017.

The Fuse Technology Centre carries out the design, development, production and testing of the mechanical, electromechanical and electronic fuses required by Roketsan in all of its rockets and munition systems.  The plugs designed and developed through a system engineering approach, and in line with international standards, within the Fuse Technology Centre are tested and verified in accordance with current standards.

Fuse serial production and delivery process for the Roketsan product range:

  • 122 mm and 300 mm Rocket Systems,
  • Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) Rocket and Launch System,
  • CİRİT 75” Laser Guided Missile,
  • 300 mm Missile Systems,
  • TRG-230 Missile,
  • Medium-Range Anti-Tank Missile System (OMTAS)
  • Long-Range Anti-Tank Missile Systems (L-UMTAS and UMTAS)
  • Smart Micro Munitions MAM-L and MAM-C also continue in this Centre.

Roketsan is also continuing in its efforts to establish production and test infrastructure for aircraft bomb fuses, which will be developed and produced entirely with domestic means and will meet an important need of the Turkish Armed Forces. In addition, Roketsan continues its design studies of multi-purpose fuses that are compatible with guidance kits for artillery ammunition of different calibres.

Roketsan’s Fuse Technology Centre stands out also with its ability to manufacture the wireless fuse programming unit needed for single programming in ammunition fuses.

In the upcoming period, Roketsan – as a centre of excellence for fuses that makes use of high technologies, and that has the flexibility to manufacture fuses of different calibres and precision – is aiming to develop new generation, multifunctional, advanced and smart fuse systems, and to offer these systems to the defence sector.