Technological measures against pandemic during the largest defense industry fair, IDEF’21


HAVELSAN will ensure that the participants have a safe digital experience simultaneously at the 15th International Defense Industry Fair (IDEF 2021).

Due to Covid-19, this year, it is aimed to organize a new generation hybrid fair experience at IDEF 2021 by combining the advantages of physical fair with the means of the digital world.

HAVELSAN achieved great technological progress during the pandemic and is so proud of sharing these developments on the occasion of IDEF’21. The most prominent of these was that HAVELSAN developed video conferencing, instant messaging, secure file sharing and storage operations available to institutions with national systems. Now, this competence is available to thousands of exhibitors at one of the world’s largest defense fairs. Thanks to this competence of HAVELSAN, Turkey experiences a very important contactless and hybrid fair.

HAVELSAN, the Digital Communication Sponsor of the fair, offers all participants free access to its video conferencing application HAVELSAN Diyalog and its secure file sharing and storage solution HAVELSAN Drive during the IDEF’21.

Prioritizing the security of users and user data in all its solutions, HAVELSAN is bringing data security to forefront along with other prominentvsolutions it has developed such as the video conferencing application “HAVELSAN Diyalog”, the digital data storage olution “HAVELSAN Drive”, and the instant messaging solution “HAVELSAN İleti”.

Working on the basis of the user companies’ own information systems, the Diyalog, Drive and İleti solutions ensure the security of data within the company by means of security protocols such as end-to-end encryption.

Providing all the participants with free access to its video conferencing application “HAVELSAN Diyalog”, HAVELSAN makes participants hold online internal meetings as well as meetings with their clients who are unable to physically participate in the fair due to the pandemy.

Additionally, under the coordination of the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation (TSKGV), online meeting rooms are also provided to foreign committees who are unable to physically attend the fair.

HAVELSAN provides a Digital Communication Center for visitors in cooperation with the IDEF organizers. In the HAVELSAN’s Digital Communication Center, which includes computers, printers, as well as study rooms and online meeting rooms, foreign visitors are able to conduct their own meetings through the video conferencing product HAVELSAN Diyalog. Detailed information about HAVELSAN Diyalog, HAVELSAN Drive, and HAVELSAN İleti are also available on the kiosks and booths located at the Digital Communication Center.

Physical contact points will be reduced

As part of the pandemic measures, physical contact points are also minimized at IDEF 2021. In this context, HAVELSAN offers an infrastructure where digital promotional materials such as brochures, catalogues, presentations and videos of the products are safely shared through the HAVELSAN Drive, which is made available to all participants free of charge.

Visitors are able to access instantly to all digital materials of the relevant products by scanning the QR codes that will be located in the display areas of the products that they want to get detailed information about.