Technological Transformation of Conventional Mortar Solutions: ALKAR


ASELSAN’s mortar transformation solutions offer enhanced capabilities for conventional mortars: high probability of first round hit, ease of use, high mobility, mission programmable, configurable and modular structure.

ALKAR transforms legacy 81mm and 120mm mortars into highly accurate, mobile and automatic mortar solutions that can be operated with a limited effort of the user. It replaces time consuming and personnel demanding direction finding, aligning and laying processes. This is achieved through an automated fire control system that gathers the information from meteorological sensors, inertial navigation systems, forward observers via digital communication and computes ballistic data; resulting accurate direction of the mortar towards the target.

Providing two major configurations, ALKAR can be either integrated on military vehicles or be used as a stationary solution. It provides automatic ammunition loading, on-demand-firing capable electronic trigger and muzzle velocity radar which increases first round hit probability with continuous correction of data after each round. An indigenous recoil mechanism, developed through intensive R&D activities, allows it to be mounted even on 4×4 light armored vehicles for faster shoot & scoot operations while hiding it in plain sight by concealing the mortar under the vehicle’s roof hatch.

ALKAR can also be configured as a fixed mortar for base or area protection. This feature drastically enhances effectiveness of mortar via quick and precise targeting, performing a mortar battery’s task with only one single mortar.

ALKAR includes a graphical user interface that displays battlefield information and allows target selection on digital map. Thanks to the use of ALKAR, the operator needs only a day’s training to start using it on the battlefield.

ASELSAN continues to transform conventional weapons into smart and automated solutions considering the feedbacks received from the users as well as operational requirements of upto-date battlefield environments.