Turkey’s Rocket and Missile Center Roketsan is Ready for IDEF’21 with New Products


Working with the vision to take a leading role in the global defence sector with indigenous, reliable and pioneering rocket and missile solutions, Roketsan is attending the 15th International Defence Industry Fair IDEF’21 with brand new products, developed by Turkish engineers. Roketsan CEO Murat İkinci stated that 9 new products will be introduced at IDEF and added “Roketsan will be the center of attention at IDEF’21, the exhibition where Turkish defence industry will make an appearance”.

Held under the auspices of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey, hosted by Ministry of National Defense, under the responsibility of Turkish Armed Forces Foundation and with the organization of TÜYAP, IDEF’21 will welcome top companies in defence industry from around the world, between 17-20 August 2021. Roketsan Chairman of the Executive Board and Vice President of Turkish Presidency of Defence Industries Prof. Dr Faruk Yiğit, and Roketsan CEO Murat İkinci, came together with press members before the exhibition and shared information about Roketsan products which will be put on display at IDEF’21.

Roketsan Chairman of the Executive Board Prof. Dr. Faruk Yiğit said: “Roketsan is putting in all its efforts for our country’s perpetuity. With the solutions we offer in line with the requirements, our dynamic and agile work system and financial power, we are a high-capacity technology company. Today, Turkey is at a very good position in the world. Accordingly, as Roketsan, we are doing our best to strengthen our capabilities.

Our air defense systems are layered systems and we are working to develop all of these layers. However, since we are talking about a national matter, this is something that not only Roketsan but the whole defence industry stakeholders should work on and find solutions to. At the moment, there are systems that are not yet being talked about. Maybe when SİPER is delivered, you might see that all layers are covered with national systems”.

Roketsan CEO Murat İkinci said: “Turkish defence industry kept on growing, even through the times of COVID-19. It is now time to show our strength to the whole world. Roketsan will be the center of attention with its unique products and solutions displayed at IDEF’21. I invite all national and international exhibitors and our valuable members of the press to our booth, to take a closer look at where we stand in the future of engineering.”

İkinci added “We are continuing our work with the aim to become the biggest technology army of Turkey with over 3.400 personnel, approximately 1.800 of whom are engineers. IDEF’21 will be the showcase of the products we have developed with R&D activities we carry out with our own resources where necessary. With a wide range of products we diversify each year, we are ready for new cooperations and to contribute more to the export activities of our country”.

İkinci lastly remarked “As you know, our ships’ close air defense take place mostly with RAM and Phalanx systems. We will put on display our LEVENT System which is based on our SUNGUR Missile, that will provide close air defence to our ships, though IDEF’21. LEVENT is going to have two versions: The first configuration will use the electro-optic and radar systems on the ship, the second one will head for the target through the electro-optic and radar systems of its own.”

Stating that Roketsan shall carry on as the largest supplier of rockets and missiles, İkinci also expressed that Roketsan will continue sharing good news in this context.

Roketsan, Is Attending IDEF’21 With New Products

Participants visiting Roketsan booth at IDEF’21 will get the chance to see 9 brand new products for the first time, in addition to many products that have nationally and internationally proven their operational capabilities within the battlefield. Roketsan will welcome its guests and give information about its products at its 1.465 m2 booth, with its experienced and competent personnel.

LAÇİN Guidance Kit that assists the pilot to reach their target through MK-82 General Purpose Bombs, MAM-T, SUNGUR Weapon System, Turkey’s first heavy-class torpedo AKYA, 324 mm ORKA Torpedo, Laser-Guided Mini Missile System METE, TRLG-122 and TRLG-230 missiles that are developed with a laser seeker for 122 mm and 230 mm missiles and Close-in Air Defense System (CIADS) LEVENT will be some of the products Roketsan will put on display for the very first time.

The participants will be able to take a closer look and receive further information about Roketsan’s products and capabilities at booth 1206 for 4 days.