Turkish Fighter Will Be Exhibited at IDEF 2021


Turkish Aerospace will display Turkish Fighter, national combat aircraft, for the first time at IDEF. Turkish Aerospace will exhibit high localized rate indigenous aerial platforms and space system projects.

In addition, HURJET Simulator will also take place at the booth.

Turkish Aerospace will display ANKA, AKSUNGUR, ATAK, ATAK 2, GOKBEY, HURKUS, HURJET and Turkey’s 5th Generation National Combat Aircraft, Turkish Fighter at Turkey’s largest international defense fair, IDEF, which will be held in Istanbul on 17-20 August 2021.

Turkish Aerospace will reveal the contribution made for the establishment of an independent defense industry in field of aviation and space with its indigenous platforms developed for Turkey’s aerial and defense ecosystem. Further to those indigenous platforms, with HURJET Simulator, Turkish Aerospace will serve a realistic flight experience, but also will bring the satellite projects, that developed by national facilities, and which takes an important place in Turkey’s National Space Programme.


Turkish Aerospace President and CEO Prof. Temel Kotil have spoken regarding IDEF and said: “World has been perceiving a difficult period by Covid-19 from December 2019 and felt at all areas. When we look at aerospace and defense sector, Turkish Aerospace continues production and design in the field of aviation and space without slowing down significantly. With this regard, our company continues to contribute to the world aviation ecosystem with the R&D activities to develop indigenous platforms with talented engineers. IDEF has a significant role to share the developments regarding national defense projects to world public opinion. We will reveal Turkish Fighter for the first time at IDEF. We continue our hard work to roll out the Turkish Fighter on March 18, 2023 and the same day we will also witness ATAK-2 and HURJET’s first flight.”

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