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Super Tucano
The A-29 Super Tucano light attack and training aircraft.

Embraer’s Defense & Security has a stellar lineup of defense products and solutions, which include the multi-mission transport aircraft C-390 Millennium and the A-29 Super Tucano light attack and training aircraft, in addition to broader solutions for air, land, sea, space and cyber domains.

In the last decade, the Company has invested in a diversified product portfolio, which includes a full line of integrated solutions and applications such as Command and Control Center (C4I), radars and ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance).

As the defense arm of Embraer, the company has a growing presence in the global market with Embraer Defense & Security products and solutions being present in more than 60 countries.

With more than 50 years of history, headquartered in Brazil, Embraer designs, develops, and manufactures aircraft and systems for commercial, executive, and defense and security markets, providing innovative solutions.

In its path for diversification, Embraer acquired some companies, such as Atech, whose main expertise lies in the development of innovative solutions with applications in the areas of air traffic, command and control systems, instrumentation and control systems, and embedded systems and simulators.

Atech is part of Águas Azuis Consortium, formed by thyssenkrupp Marine Systems and Embraer Defense & Security, selected by the Brazilian Navy for the construction of four surface vessels in the frigate Tamandaré Class program.

Integrated system and Cyber-Security

Embraer Defense & Security also offers technological solutions for complex mission-critical systems in the areas of Command and Control, Embedded Systems, Cybersecurity, Instrumentation & Control, and Simulation and Public Safety. These solutions use integrated systems for a broad range of applications, such as border monitoring and control, ensuring the protection of strategic structures and natural resources. This advanced technology generates accurate information for decision-making.

On the sensor area, Embraer offers equipment such as the Saber M-60, a 3-D low altitude anti-aircraft artillery radar able to track up to 60 targets simultaneously within a radius up to 32 nautical miles and up to 16,400 feet in height. The radar uses Doppler pulse technology that allows unique target detection and aircraft automatic classification. With low maintenance cost, it is a robust and flexible radar, designed for transportation in any type of terrain, with a set up time of 15 minutes by only three operators.

In its strategy to grow in related fields, Embraer Defense & Security believes that there is a growing demand for cyber-security solutions in the global defense market. Therefore, Embraer acquired Tempest Security Intelligence, the largest cybersecurity company in Brazil.

Tempest positions itself as a provider of complete solutions for business protection in the digital world. By Investing in Tempest, Embraer seeks to enhance the Company’s prospects for growth and expansion in both Brazil and abroad.

Strong presence in the skies 

Although invested in diversification, the Company maintained the development of state-of-art-aircraft, such as the new generation multi-mission transport aircraft C-390 Millennium, which brings unrivaled mobility, quick reconfiguration, high availability, and improved flight safety, all in a single, unique platform.

The C-390, which in its air-to-air refueling (AAR) configuration is designated KC-390, is fully operational with the Brazilian Air Force. Since receiving its first aircraft, in 2019, the Brazilian Air Force has deployed the KC-390 on several critical missions in Brazil and abroad, increasing the range of missions. In August of 2020, the aircraft flew to Lebanon, carrying medical supplies, food, and health equipment in response to the devastating explosions that destroyed Beirut’s harbor.

The Multi-mission Transport Aircraft C-390 Millennium
The Multi-mission Transport Aircraft C-390 Millennium

In addition to the Brazilian Air Force, the Hungarian Defense Force has signed for the C-390 Millennium’s multi-mission aircraft with air-to-air refueling (AAR) configuration, the KC-390. This is the second contract with a NATO nation in Europe, after the Portuguese Air Force chose the aircraft in 2019. Deliveries for both countries are scheduled to start in 2023.

Additionally, the A-29 Super Tucano, light-attack, surveillance and advanced training aircraft still represents the Gold Standard in its field. It is a combat-proven platform selected by more than 15 Air Forces around the globe, including the United States Air Force (USAF).

Embraer defense unit’s footprint in Asia Pacific is expanding, with a batch of six Super Tucano aircraft delivered to the Philippines Air Force (PAF) in October 2020. The aircraft is deployed for close air support, light attack, surveillance, air-to-air interception, counter-insurgency missions, advanced training and are part of PAF’s ongoing modernization plan. The addition of these close air support aircraft brings PAF’s air power capability to a whole new level.

Looking towards the future, based on the best seller Praetor 600 executive jet, Embraer also sees relevant sales opportunities for the P600 AEW&C in specific markets.

Investing in a diversified business portfolio of defense and security, with innovative solutions, Embraer is ready to better meet the defense global market needs which extends far beyond aircraft.