This is the February 2022 issue of Asian Military Review. This is not the latest issue.
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Editorial Topics:

  • Bigger, Further, Better: The value of owning medium and high altitude UAVs is now apparent to an increasing number of countries, says JR Ng.
  • Remote Fire Control: Maritime report weapons systems are increasing in calibre and range. Tim Fish reports.
  • Taking Out ‘The Toys’: Countering unmanned aerial systems, no longer hobbyist’s ‘toys’, now takes investment and well developed systems, says JR Ng.
  • Looking Further, Looking Wider: Reconnaissance pods are improving to give greater levels of clarity, whether focused or over a wide area. Andrew Drwiega discovers what is now being offered.
  • World Defence Show Gulf Defence Special Report: Ahead of the World Defence Show in Saudi Arabia, we examine the Gulf’s defence industry with a focus on maritime and air forces. By Andrew Drwiega, Tim Fish and David Oliver.

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