Elbit Systems announces contracts for precision guidance kits, aircraft self-protection systems for Asia Pacific customers

LIZARD Guidance Kit

Israel’s Elbit Systems has won separate contracts worth a total of US$300 million to undisclosed customers in the Asia Pacific in recent weeks.

The first, announced on 29 June, calls for the supply of Lizard precision guidance kits worth up to US$220 million, which can be fitted to existing unguided munitions to increase targeting accuracy as well as enable engagement of moving targets.

Elbit System claims that the Lizard kit comprises advanced seeker technology and tracking algorithms that enable unguided Western or Eastern munitions to track laser beams in challenging environmental conditions and guide them precisely to strike even fast moving and manoeuvring targets at extended ranges.

“There is an increase in the demand for our precision fire capabilities as high accuracy has become an operational imperative across all domains of operations,” said Elbit Systems CEO Bezhalel Machlis.

“Armed forces around the globe are requiring solutions that enable efficient conversion of ammunition stockpiles into a capability that is relevant in modern warfare, especially in light of lessons learned from recent military conflicts,” he added.

The company then announced on 5 July that it has been awarded a contract to provide direct infrared countermeasures (DIRCM) and airborne electronic warfare (EW) systems worth up to US$80 million.

It will supply its C-Music DIRCM systems, as well as Infrared-based Passive Airborne Warning Systems (IR-PAWS) for different types of aircraft.

“The rising threat that aircraft face from shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles increases the demand for certified and operationally proven self-protection systems,” said Elbit Systems ISTAR & EW general manager Oren Sabag.

According to Elbit Systems, the C-Music DIRCM system is primarily designed to protect large transport aircraft from heat-seeking surface-to-air missiles. The system is contained in a single, fuselage-mounted pod and employs advanced jamming and missile detection techniques to protect the host aircraft.

The Lizard contract will be performed over 15 months, while the DIRCM will be delivered over a period of 24 months.

by Jr Ng