TRD Singapore Debuts Latest C-UAS Systems

TRD Singapore, a homegrown developer specialising in the design and supply of cutting-edge counter-unmanned aircraft system (C-UAS) solutions, is taking the opportunity at Thailand Defense & Security 2022 to launch its latest range of products.

The company is introducing its new handheld and ruggedised IP65-rated ORION-H7, featuring what appears to be the world’s first seven-band frequency jamming capability that is designed to defeat all commercial UAS and do-it-yourself (DIY) drones, as well as certain military-use systems.

The ORION-H7 is certified safe to use in accordance with international radiation hazard standards, including IEEE C95. It does not radiate towards the rear for improved operator safety, while digital control and LED display with a build-in compass enhances usability.

TRD Singapore will also introduce other new solutions such as the ORION-GTS, ORION-MOC and ORION-D MP. ORION-GTS is a Drone Gun Training Simulator that uses augmented reality (AR) technologies to provide realistic and effective operator training without the need to fly live drones or turn on actual jamming signals. Different levels of training can be conducted in a live environment with simulated drones, enabling users to perform training anywhere and anytime without the need to seek regulatory approval.

ORION-MOC (Mobile Ops Console) is an optional software-based solution that uses local telecommunications networks to enable existing ORION C-UAS guns to be integrated to fixed or mobile command-and-control (C2) systems. The new system is capable of tracking and displaying all networked C-UAS effectors, including their area of influence and even their point-of-view. Sensor data can also be fed to distributed C-UAS effectors, enabling their respective operators to engage potential threats beyond visual range.

ORION-D MP is a man-portable backpack sensor system that is designed to detect, track and geo-locate drones and their operators using transmitted signals between them. Using proprietary decoding techniques, the system is even capable of discerning information such as the drone’s serial number.

TRD Singapore told Bilingual Show Daily that it has expanded its regional footprint with a new office in Thailand that also contributes to its overall research and development activities.

“TRD just recently delivered 11 state-of-the-art full suite C-UAS vehicles to an Asian customer, and the company is [also] showcasing this vehicle solution at the show,” the company said. “This vehicle consists of radar, RF systems, camera and jammer with integrated C2 that can be quickly moved to be deployed at different locations to defeat drones either by taking it down or sending them away from the protected area.”

by Jr Ng