China shows off latest land attack, air defence, and anti-ship missiles at Thailand D&S 2022

CM501GA missile
CM501GA missile

The China Pavilion showcased a broad range of its latest homegrown but export-oriented missile systems – covering the land, air, and naval domains – at Thailand Defense & Security 2022, with some being exhibited for the first time at the event.

The CM-501GA precision guided missile system, developed by the China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC), which employs a dual mid-course guidance system comprising an inertial navigation system (INS) and satellite datalink. The missile can then activate its TV and infrared (IR) guidance during the terminal phase of its flight for improved target discrimination.

AMR understands that the CM-501GA missile measures 2 m long and weighs 100 kg, including a 20 kg penetration and high-explosive (HE) warhead. The company claims that the missile can engage fixed and mobile land targets, as well as naval platforms out to a range of 40 km.

“The system comprises the missile, container-type vertical launch system, command-control vehicle, and technical support system,” a representative highlighted to AMR. “It has capabilities of integrated information combat, autonomous combat in unattended mode, dynamic deployment, quick response, and multi-platform capability.”

The HQ-17AE field Air Defence System is a self-propelled short-range surface-to-air missile (SAM) system also developed by CASIC, and is intended to engage precision-guided munitions such as cruise missiles, guided bombs, and air-to-surface missiles as well as against aircraft, helicopters, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).


According to company specifications, a typical HQ-17AE fire unit comprises a command vehicle and four combat vehicles, with each of the latter type carrying up to 16 missiles. Each combat vehicle is also capable of guiding four missiles at four individual targets simultaneously.

The HQ-17AE is claimed to have a maximum effective range and altitude of up 15 km and 8 km, respectively, against conventional aircraft. However, the company also claims that the system can be used against stealth aircraft at closer ranges and altitudes of 9 km and 6 km.

Meanwhile, the FK-3 is an all-weather, medium-range SAM system designed to engage fixed-wing aircraft at ranges and altitudes of up to 100 km and 27 km, respectively. Rotary wing and cruise missile threats can also be addressed, albeit at shorter ranges.

An FK-3 fire unit can comprise a radar vehicle and command and control vehicle along with six launch vehicles. A launch vehicle typically carries a quadruple launcher that can perform an oblique hot launch or vertical cold launch

FK-3 surface to air missile
FK-3 surface to air missile.

Finally, the YJ-12E (CM-302) is a supersonic anti-ship missile (ASM) that is being marketed as a highly affordable but precise weapon capable of carrying a 250 kg semi-armour piercing blast warhead out to a maximum range of 290 km with a high hit probability against surface vessels.

CM-302 anti-ship cruise missile
CM-302 anti-ship cruise missile.

CASIC said the missile can be launched from air, land, and naval platforms, and modified for land attack missions, and features a full-range supersonic flight, high-low mixed trajectory and full-range low- altitude trajectory, and terminal-phase manoeuvring capability for increased survivability.

by Jr Ng