Royal Thai Army Producing Its Artillery

Autonomous Trick Mounted Mortar (ATMM)
Autonomous Trick Mounted Mortar (ATMM).

A goal of the Royal Thai Army (RTA) has been to increase its self-sufficiency in defense equipment and weapons.

As previously reported by AMR its Weapon Production Centres (WPC) have begun producing 5.56 rifle ammunition, 105mm and 155mm howitzer projectiles, and 60mm and 81 mm mortar bombs in new manufacturing facilities built in the last years. RTA officials have further confirmed that the WPC in northeastern Lopburi is successfully producing artillery systems for use by its forces in-county.

The RTA had selected both the Elbit Defense’s truck mounted ATMOS 155 mm/52-calibre self-propelled howitzer and 120 mm Spear mortar systems. The integration of both systems is being performed at the WPC facility.

Autonomous Truck-Mounted Gun (ATMG)

The 155mm howitzer system and the 120mm Spear mortar are being imported from Elbit in Israel. The WPC receives 10-tonne Tatra 6 x 6 truck chassis and integrates it with the gun. Referred to as the Autonomous Truck-Mounted Gun (ATMG) this development was first unveiled in mid-2018.

Like ATMOS, ATMG is intended to be compatible with rural road networks to increase deployment flexibility over heavier tracked self-propelled systems. Its onboard navigation and positioning and automated set-up, laying, and assisted loading allows for rapid response and “shoot-and-scoot” firing. Twenty-two ATMG has been fielded with eighteen to Army artillery and six to the Thai Marines. Another, six are reportedly to be delivered by then end of 2022.

RTA testing trial for their ATMM.
RTA testing trial for their ATMM.

Autonomous Trick Mounted Mortar (ATMM)

The truck mounted 120mm mortars similarly are supplied by Elbit with the WPC integrating the system on to a Tatra 4 X 4 with reinforce rear bed and suspension. First trialed by the RTA in July 2018 the Autonomous Trick Mounted Mortar (ATMM) uses a crew of four and can fire ten-rounds per minute to 6.5 km range. Its on-board fire-controls, electric laying, and GPS-based north-finding system provides rapid firing after halting from moving. ATMM is being fielded to infantry battalions and cavalry squadrons. To date, twenty-two ATMMs have been delivered with an additional twelve programed by the end of 2023.

by Stephen W. Miller