This is the March/April 2023 issue of Asian Military Review. This is not the latest issue.
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Editorial Topics:

  • Vaulting Ambition: Mike Rajkumar uncovers an appetite in Asia to grow an indigenous aerospace industry.
  • High-End Threat: The Accelerating Pace of Hypersonic Weapons: Peter Felstead investigates the ‘hypersonic missile gap’.
  • Submarines Resurgent: The enthusiasm for submarine ownership is breaking the surface in Asia, says Gordan Arthur.
  • Taking the Secrecy Out of ISR: Andrew Drwiega reports on how satellites have made classified imagery public property.
  • Equipping for Disaster Relief: Dr. Joetey Attariwala investigates the key enablers for disaster relief operations.
  • Analysis: Godron Arthur analyses China’s Spy Balloons now “On The Radar”.

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