JGSDF Type 16 MCV Displayed at DSEI Japan

JGSDF Type 16 MCV Displayed at DSEI Japan.
JGSDF Type 16 MCV Displayed at DSEI Japan.

Japan’s Type 16 Mobile Combat Vehicle (MCV) which is manufactured by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries was on display at the recently concluded DSEI Japan exhibition.

The Type 16 MCV is in service with the Japan Ground Self-Defence Force (JGSDF) and is currently in series production. Speaking to Asian Military Review (AMR) at the show, an official from Japan’s Acquisition, Technology & Logistics Agency (ATLA), said the Type 16 MCV was being displayed with the intent to showcase the technological capabilities of Japan’s defence industry.

He confirmed however, that the Type 16 MCV is not yet cleared for export.

Speaking to AMR, a senior JGSDF officer stated however, that the export of the chassis of the armoured fighting vehicle would be possible, should a customer desire the same. He said, the focus was on export opportunities for its small and lightweight 507 bhp four-cylinder engine. The JGSDF’s Type 10 Main Battle Tank uses a larger version of this engine in eight cylinder configuration, with over 1000 bhp.

Japan would be open to exporting these two aspects of the Type 16 MCV but not the entire system with the 105 mm rifled bore gun, he stated.

The Japan Ministry of Defence 2022 budget had planned for the acquisition of 33 Type 16 MCVs worth US$191 million. The JGSDF is to eventually acquire 500 Type 16 MCVs.

The main attribute of the Type 16 MCV was that it is air transportable on Japan’s C-2 transport aircraft, and can be rapidly deployable in response to various situations. The 8X8 armoured vehicle, weighs 26 tonne and can attain a speed of 100 kmph on paved roads. It is connected to a C4I system allowing it to receive network based target information. The Type 16 MCV also features high levels of armour protection for its crew of four and can also fire on the move with high levels of accuracy.

by Asian Military Review, DSEI Japan 2023