Savox Communications’ Asian Success Continues with a 5 Million Euro Order for Trics Hub and NC-100 Headsets

Savox Communications
Savox Communications

Savox Communications, the leading provider of mission-critical hearing protection and communication solutions, is delighted to announce yet another milestone in our ongoing success in the Asian market. As the premier provider of these hearing protection and communication solutions, we take pride in sharing that we have recently secured a substantial order worth 5 million euros.

This order encompasses Savox tactical communication solutions, specifically the Savox Trics communication Hub and Savox NC-100 Headsets. This reaffirms our commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology that supports professionals working in high-stakes environments.

Our ability to act fast and agile has played a pivotal role in achieving this success, and our continuous dedication to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction remains our driving force. We understand the vital importance of clear and reliable communication in mission-critical scenarios, and our solutions are designed to not only meet but exceed the rigorous demands of such operations.

This significant order not only reflects our growth and market presence in Asia but also underscores the trust that organizations place in Savox Communications to provide them with the tools and technology they need to ensure mission success and personnel safety.

We are excited to continue our journey of delivering top-tier solutions and services to our valued clients, and we remain committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in critical communications and hearing protection.

“I am thrilled about the order; it reaffirms our commitment to providing cutting-edge technology that enhances mission success and personnel safety. It also reflects the trust organizations place in Savox Communications.” says Jerry Kettunen, CEO of Savox Communication.