Combat Vehicles with Turrets and RWS

the armoured combat vehicle Milos 2
The Milos armoured combat vehicle. (Yugoimport)

Yugoimport’s products of special attention at the Defense & Security 2023 show include:

  • the multipurpose combat armoured vehicle Lazar 3M with a 30mm turret,
  • the armoured combat vehicle Milos 2 with a 12.7mm Cerberus remote control weapons system (RCWS), a 7.62mm Gatling gun and a 12.7mm turret gun,
  • and the simulator for the Nora B52 self-propelled howitzer.

The S-8 rocket with a laser guidance kit in the launcher will also be featured as well as a new generation of stabilised 12.7mm RCWS, a 500kg penetrating bomb and a 250 kg gliding bomb.

Also of interest is the armament from the Yugoimport’s portfolio which has been presented before, including the 122/ 262mm Tamnava MLRS, and a family of new thermobaric ammunition.