EOS wins continued RWS business in Southeast Asia

8x8 Terrex infantry carrier
Existing army vehicles such as this 8x8 Terrex infantry carrier will benefit from new combat support and recovery vehicles. (JR Ng)

Canberra-based firm Electro Optic Systems (EOS) has secured a contract worth A$28 million to supply spares of its R600 remote weapon system (RWS) to an undisclosed military customer in Southeast Asia, the company announced on 13 November.

“EOS is proud of this achievement, which not only strengthens its presence in the South East Asian defence sector but also reinforces its position as a leading innovator in the global defence industry,” said Dr Andreas Schwer, Chief Executive Officer at EOS.

EOS noted that deliveries under the contract are scheduled to commence in late 2024 and continue until 2026. Under this contract, EOS is expected to provide components such as gimbals and sensor modules for the R600 to the customer.

According to EOS, the R600 was originally developed for an undisclosed Southeast Asian customer and can simultaneously carry two automatic weapons or a single cannon up to 30 mm in calibre.

The company added that the RWS has been continuously improved since its inception and can be easily integrated with the user’s battle management systems. The system is designed to engage multiple threats rapidly with a daytime detection range of over 12,000 m while recognising and identifying those at ranges of 5,600 m and 4,700 m respectively. Its thermal imager also offers nearly comparable characteristics for lowlight operations.

“The RWS features EOS’ advanced pointing and tracking technology, significantly enhancing first-round hit probability,” the company stated, noting that its ballistic solution can consider variables such as ammunition, weapons, range, and target motion.

EOS added that the products that will be supplied under this contract will mainly be manufactured in its facilities in the United States.

While the company did not specify the customer for the latest deal, it is understood to have supplied R600 RWSs to the Singapore Army in 2009 for the service’s 8×8 Terrex infantry carrier vehicles. The company also won an A$25 million follow-on order for the RWS from an undisclosed country, also thought to be the same.

Besides Singapore, EOS has also supplied various RWSs to Australia, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States.

by Jr Ng