Su-57 Wins by Surprise Attacks and Maneuverability – Test Pilot

Sukhoi Design Bureau test pilot Rafael Suleymanov has delivered an account of his experience of piloting the 5th generation Su-57 fifth-generation fighter jet, highlighting its supreme agility and maneuverability.  

“Su-57 is the crown of creation of our aircraft manufacturers and the rest of the industry that provides this aircraft with its components. Piloting and flying it is a pleasure; it allows the pilot to fly in any conditions, at any speed, at any angle of attack. The ability of the pilot, by his own decision, to reach some supercritical angles of attack, to perform a maneuver more energetically, to more energetically position the axis of the weapon in the direction of the enemy when he does not expect it, of course, can lead to victory,” said Rafael Suleymanov in the video-interview published by the United Aircraft Corporation’s Telegram channel. 

Sukhoi Su-57 is a multirole 5th generation front-line combat aircraft designed to solve a wide range of combat missions when attacking air, ground, and sea targets. The first flight took place in 2010.

Today Russia is in talks with its partners on both the deliveries of Su-57E fifth-generation fighters and the prospects of cooperation in the aircraft’s joint production, said Rosoboronexport’s CEO Alexander Mikheev at the Dubai Airshow 2023.

“The Su-57E fifth-generation fighter that Rosoboronexport features at the Dubai Airshow 2023 together with the latest air-launched weapons is a hi-tech product. With regard to its promotion, we are holding technical consultations with some of Russia’s strategic partners. We are discussing both the final product from Russia and cooperation in the format of joint development and production,” the chief executive said.

The Russia’s Dubai Airshow exposition featured the RVV-BD (long-range) and RVV-MD2 (short-range) air-to-air guided missiles, as well as the new generation multifunctional stealth high-precision air-to-surface missile Kh-69. All three missiles are developed by the Tactical Missile Corporation (TMC), Russia’s biggest producer of precision-guided air, sea and coastal-based weapons.

RVV-BD (long-range) air-to-air guided missile at Dubai Airshow 2023
RVV-BD (long-range) air-to-air guided missile at Dubai Airshow 2023

The Kh-69 missile is designed to destroy a wide range of stationary ground targets with known coordinates. The launch range is up to 290 km. The RVV-MD2 air-to-air missile is a modification of the well-known RVV-MD and is designed for close-in, highly manoeuvrable air combat. The launch range has increased by up to 50 km.The RVV-BD long-range missile can hit enemy aircraft at ranges up to 200 km.