ST Engineering Eyeing Global IFV Market with New Terrex s5

ST Engineering Eyeing Global IFV Market with New Terrex s5
ST Engineering Eyeing Global IFV Market with New Terrex s5

ST Engineering’s Terrex s5 8×8 Next-Generation Infantry Fighting Vehicle (NGIFV) is a dramatic upgrade over its predecessor, the Terrex 3.

Speaking to AMR, company officials indicated that the Terrex s5 would be competitive on the global IFV market with its combination of advanced design, excellent performance and affordable cost. Branded as the Terrex s5 (Smartness, Superiority, Sustainability, Survivability and Serviceability), the new fighting vehicle outperforms the older Terrex 3 by a considerable margin. Five variants will eventually be made available and on display at the show, was the Terrex s5 Trooper, which can accommodate 10 soldiers.

The Terrex s5 Commander does not have a turret but features a hatch mounted ST Engineering ADDER Remote Weapon Station (RWS) with an Anti-Tank Guided Missile (ATGM). The Terrex s5 Trooper features an ADDER RWS 30 low-profile and lightweight unmanned turreted weapon station. The turret and weapon weighs less than two tonne and it can carry 250 ready 30mm rounds. The Terrex Fire Support variant can be configured with either a 105mm or 120 mm turret. The Terrex Mortar carrier features ST Engineering’s Super Rapid Advanced Mortar System (SRAMS), which delivers an effective 120mm mortar solution. The final variant of the Terrex s5 being offered is the amphibious version, which is fitted with the ADDER RWS Twin. The IFV is also configured to accept Counter-Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) systems

The Terrex s5 will be available with an advanced hybrid-electric powertrain, though export customers could opt for a conventional powertrain as well. The hybrid-electric powertrain has liberated additional volume inside the vehicle, allowing side-by-seating for the Commander and Driver. This is one of the key design features of the Terrex s5, which when combined with its comprehensive suite of sensors offer its occupants unmatched 360-degree situational awareness with a bird’s eye view and object bearing and range detection, presented on large screens inside the vehicle. Automatic Target Detection and Tracking (ATDT) is also available.

The s5 has been developed on ST Engineering’s cyber secured Generic Vehicle Architecture (GVR), which is integrated with the company’s proprietary New Generation Power Processor. This is coupled with high-capacity batteries and a built-in Battery Monitoring System (BMS). The vehicle features a programmable user profile with and has features such as load monitoring, smart charging and a Health and Utilisation Monitoring System (HUMS). The IFV also has 450kW of exportable power for high energy systems.

The incorporation of a hybrid-electric drive allows the s5 to have a silent watch combat mode and affords the vehicle with additional acceleration when called upon. The 711 HP turbo-diesel engine can be switched-off and the vehicle operates only on batteries in silent mode. An option to tow an Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) has also been provided and ST Engineering says that it is working on offering Manned Unmanned Teaming (MUM-T) with the Terrex s5.

by Mike Rajkumar