Women in Defence Association Launches in Western Australia to Drive Outcomes for Women in the Defence Industry

Women in Defence Association (WiDA)
Women in Defence Association (WiDA)
  • The Women in Defence Association (WiDA) has launched in Western Australia to drive outcomes on behalf of women in the defence industry.
  • WiDA will provide a collective voice to lobby for accountability in representation, the gender pay gap, flexible working at various levels and gender equity.
  • The free membership offers women a platform to expand networks, gain exposure to alternative roles and receive support.
  • Rachel Falzon, President of WiDA, emphasised the importance of gender diversity and inclusivity in driving innovation and success in the defence industry.

The Women in Defence Association (WiDA) is proud to announce its official launch in Western Australia, aiming to provide a platform for women in the defence sector to connect and create tangible change together. The establishment of WiDA reflects a significant step forward in delivering action, accountability and meaningful change towards achieving gender diversity and inclusivity within the defence industry.

WiDA is dedicated to fostering a community where women in defence can share experiences, exchange ideas, and access professional development opportunities. By creating a supportive network, WiDA will address the challenges faced by women in the sector and advocate for actionable change in gender equity in all aspects of defence-related roles.

President of WiDA, Rachel Falzon, stated, “The establishment of WiDA in Western Australia marks a pivotal moment for women in the defence industry. We are doing away with the mantra of empowerment and confidence building and aim to provide a platform for women to collaborate and be unobstructed in professional growth.”

Ms Falzon further emphasized the importance of WiDA’s mission, saying, “Gender diversity is crucial for innovation and success in the defence sector. WiDA is committed to supporting women at all levels of their careers and ensuring their voices are heard.”

Launching at the WA Defence Industry International Women’s Day event, the association announced it has begun launching chapters across the country. WiDA invites women in defence and allies to join them in celebrating this milestone and to become part of a vibrant and supportive community.

The WiDA committee is formed with industry experts Sarah Thomas as Vice Chair, Henderson Alliance Deputy Chair Colleen Yates, Defence Industry Specialist Judith Irvine, Defence Marketing & PR Specialist Shannon Hennessy, Indigenous business specialist Reena Strehle, Veteran and Women’s Advocate Shamsa Lea.

For more information about WiDA and its upcoming events, please visit https://www.womenindefenceassociation.org