Australian Army trials UGV live firing with EOS

The Australian Army’s Robotic and Autonomous Systems Implementation & Coordination Office (RICO) and Electro Optic Systems (EOS) have teamed up to demonstrate the long-range firing capabilities and precision of the latter’s R400 remote weapon system (RWS), the company announced on 3 April.

The live-fire demonstration was conducted from EOS’ facility in Canberra, where a team remotely controlled the RWS integrated on a modified M113 armoured personnel carrier stationed at the Australian Defence Force (ADF) Puckapunyal Military Area, approximately 550 kilometres away.

EOS claimed that the RWS successfully engaged targets at distances of 300 and 600 metres. The company added that it had subsequently conducted a qualification training session for ADF students at Puckapunyal, where they remotely operated the RWS.

A live-fire counter-drone demonstration had also been conducted, with the ADF successfully engaging both stationary and moving drone targets at distances of up to 500 metres.

“The success of this live-fire counter-drone exercise at Puckapunyal is a testament to the dedication and expertise of ADF and EOS personnel and their commitment to advancing military capabilities,” said Ian Cook, Executive Vice President for EOS Defence Systems.

“It also highlights the importance of continuous innovation and training in modern warfare,” added Cook.

The latest success follows the delivery of an autonomous refuelling system – developed by a ECLIPS Logistics, Universal Field Robots, and Holmwood Highgate – to RICO in March for testing by the ADF.

According to ECLIPS, the prototype Self-Contained Tank Module, Autonomous Refuelling System (SCTM ARS) features a 3,400-litre fuel capacity and is fitted with a unique slew drive and a hydraulically actuated robotic arm designed to autonomously refuel both crewed and uncrewed systems.

The aim of the SCTM ARS is to demonstrate an autonomous refuelling system that can increase refuelling speed and enable fuel replenishment without exposing personnel to risk during combat.

by Jr Ng