Indra Simulator Trains Pilots of Hong Kong’s Air Rescue Service (GFS)

Indra Simulator H175
Indra Simulator H175
  • Indra’s H175 helicopter simulator is now training the pilots of the Hong Kong Government Flying Service, which carries out search and rescue, medical evacuation and firefighting missions.
  • Indra’s system has the highest rating from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department (CAD).
  • GFS highlights the quality of the visual system, the realistic scenarios and the 3D terrain modeling, as well as Indra support throughout the project.

The H175 flight simulator developed by Indra is now training helicopter pilots of Hong Kong’s Government Flying Service (GFS), in charge of carrying out search and rescue missions at sea, emergency response and firefighting.

GFS was seeking a tier-one training system that accurately reproduces the cockpit of their H175 helicopters. Their aircraft incorporates a number of enhancements—external cameras, thermal cameras and mission system—that are not part of the standard model. They also needed the simulator to have a database that faithfully reproduces the vast areas in which they operate, which required very accurate 3D terrain modeling.

Indra Simulator H175 Inside
Indra Simulator H175 Inside

The operator chose Indra after carrying out a detailed market study and selecting from the world’s main simulator manufacturers, who competed through a rigorous international tender. Indra delivered a system that met the required Level D certification standards and supported GFS throughout the entire certification process to ensure approval with both the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Agency (CAD).

GFS’s Head of Pilot Training and Standards, Captain Trevor Marshall, stated that “from the outset we were impressed by the dedication and focus of the Indra team, who worked with us for two years on the development of this simulator, meeting the objectives and exceeding our expectations. We are very pleased to have selected Indra and feel that we have established an excellent partner relationship with their entire team.”

The Head of Indra Simulation Rafael Junco explains that “the simulator allows pilots to fly in zero visibility conditions, land on ships, provide medical emergency services, carry out firefighting, as well as surveillance and rescue tasks in mountainous areas and at sea. Pilots can train to fly in complex weather conditions and react to any unexpected situations.”

Indra is one of the few simulation manufacturers in the world which specializes in training systems that use aircraft OEM data-package and parts kits, ensuring highest simulator’s fidelity, and thus the quality of training. The use of simulators accelerates and enhances pilot training, secures their safety, and cuts down the need of training in the real aircraft, reducing operational costs and unnecessary CO2 emissions.

Indra’s systems train military pilots for helicopters such as the NH90, Tiger, Cougar, Chinook, Blackhawk and Seahawk, AW159 Wildcat and the MH53. In the civil field, it has helicopter simulators for the EC135, H225, H175, AS350, H145, EC145, Bell212, Bell412 and the Sikorsky S76. In addition to these are the highly advanced winged aircraft simulators such as the A400M and the Eurofighter, among others, as well as passenger airplanes A320, Boeing 737 and ATR 72.