This is the April/May 2024 issue of Asian Military Review. This is not the latest issue.
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Editorial Topics:

  • Malaysia’s Defence Budgeting Still Not Fit for Purpose: Dzirhan Mahadzir reports on the enduring lack of budget clarity that has continually destabilised the Malaysian military’s procurement planning process.
  • Treading Lightly: Are commercial-off-the-shelf tactical vehicles as good those made exclusively for military use, or can a compromise be made, asks Gordon Arthur.
  • Asian Industry’s Counter-Drone Initiatives: Stephen W. Miller examines how the regional industry – and not always those in defence – have responded to the rapidly growing need to counter-uncrewed aerial systems.
  • Korea’s Young Hawk is Growing Up: The development of the KAI KF-21 combat aircraft is going well, so much so that concepts for Manned-Unmanned Teaming (MUM-T) are already in vision, says Chris Pocock.
  • Synchronising Sensors in the Littoral: Tim Fish reviews the improvements being made to EO/IR sensors.
  • Better Than Ever: Not everyone can afford the latest 5th Generation combat aircraft, but some of the latest fighter upgrades can prove more than enough capability, reports JR Ng.
  • Can Australian Naval Planning Create Order From Disarray?: Gordon Arthur debates whether Australia’s naval ambitions can survive years of strategic planning and the need for long term financial commitment.

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