Centurion Supports United States Air Force, Japan in Key New Contract

Centurion - US AF Armory Japan - 01

Centurion, a global leader in the supply of rentals and services to critical industries, has completed a milestone contract for the United States Air Force (USAF) based at Kadena Air Base in Japan.

The contract saw Centurion provide a deployable secure equipment storage unit for the USAF’s 33rd Rescue Squadron, innovatively designed and manufactured in-house with enhanced security and mobility to meet the specific and unique requirements of the squadron’s mission.

Centurion is expanding its services in the Middle East & North Africa and Asia Pacific regions to increase support for defense, government, and intergovernmental organizations across the globe, investing in solutions that elevate mission readiness such as infrastructure to establish forward operating locations, constructing modular training facilities, manufacturing deployable C4ISR shelters and more.

Centurion has also recently completed the simplification and rebranding of their operations in the Asia Pacific region, which saw legacy brands Mining Camps Australia, Jacks Winches and Tristar Water Solutions replaced with business lines. The move from brands to business lines will enable the Group to deliver a unified customer experience where clients from across multiple industries can benefit from the expertise, technology, and industry-leading services that Centurion offers.