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ST Engineering Eyeing Global IFV Market with New Terrex s5

ST Engineering Eyeing Global IFV Market with New Terrex s5

ST Engineering’s Terrex s5 8x8 Next-Generation Infantry Fighting Vehicle (NGIFV) is a dramatic upgrade over its predecessor, the Terrex 3. Speaking to AMR, company...
China’s Z-10ME

10 on 10 for China’s Z-10ME

The appearance of a fully equipped Chinese attack helicopter is surely one of the biggest surprises of the Singapore Airshow. The six-tonne attack helicopter,...
KF-21 Prototype

Vaulting Ambition

Airframers in the Asia Pacific region are transitioning away from building under license to developing their own platforms. The Asia Pacific region is the home...
The Indian Navy’s fifth Kalvari Class submarine

Shipyards Ring Full Speed Ahead

A steady stream of orders are keeping Asian-Pacific warship builders busy. Warship building is at ‘full steam’ at Asian shipyards, with heightened tensions in the...
Australian Army soldiers

Next Gen NVGS – A Clear Improvement

Fused and enhanced night-vision technology will make the difference to soldiers fighting at night. Night-vision technology is rapidly advancing with step changes in performance, user...
Indian Air Force

Looking Inward

India’s Government is seeking to meet its urgent defence requirements from within the country. India’s ongoing border face-off with China along the Sino-Indian border, near...

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