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A former US Marine ground combat and aviation officer instrumental in the adoption of wheeled armoured vehicles and manoeuvre warfare. He has extensive hands-on experience in development, acquisition, fielding, support and employment leading land, naval, and air programmes in the US and twenty-four other countries. swmiller1971@gmail.com
L-SAM (Long Range Surface to Air Missile)

ROK L-SAM Intercepts Target in Test

The Republic of Korea L-SAM (Long Range Surface to Air Missile) successfully conducted a missile intercept in testing according to local media reports of...
The Bluebottle an Unmanned Maritime Surface Vessel developed by Ocius Technologies.

North Australia Surveillance Employs Unmanned Systems

NORFORCE, one of three Regional Fore Surveillance Units, provides an ever-present screen of northern Australia employing land observation posts and patrols, small craft, aircraft...

Taiwan Commits to Counter-Radar Drone

The Republic of China on Taiwan’s National Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology (NCSIST) is in the process of producing its Chien Hsiang truck...
The IFAR, Indonesian Future Assault Rifle.

Indonesia’s Future Assault Rifle?

Indonesia’s PT Republik Armamen recently debuted its new IFAR22 shoulder-fired assault rifle at Indo Defence. The IFAR, Indonesian Future Assault Rifle, is Bullpup configuration...
Vajra-T K-9

Additional Vajra Self Propelled Howitzers for Indian Army

The fielding of the Vajra 155mm/52 calibre tracked self-propelled howitzers to the Indian Army could be considered one of its true acquisition success stories....

Indonesia Acquiring Roketsan Missiles

The Indonesian military has signed contracts to acquire both air defence and surface-to-surface ballistic missiles from the Turkish firm Roketsan. The contacts were executed...
The Rafael Spyder

Philippines Fields Rafael Spyder Air Defence

The Philippine Air Force has in the first week of November activated its first Spyder air defence surface to air missile systems. These will...

Indonesian Army Receiving New Harimau MBT

Indonesia’s state-owned defence company PT Pindad is set to receive the initial shipment of Modern Medium Weight Tanks (MMWT) from Turkey’s FNSS. These ten...
The ANOA 3

Updated Indonesian ANOA 3 APC Debuted

Indonesia’s government owned company, PT Pindad, debuted its latest armoured combat vehicle collaboration with France’s Arquus with its ANOA 3 wheeled armoured personnel carrier...
The Redback Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV), developed by Hanwha Defense.

Hanwha Demonstrates Redback IFV to Polish Army

Hanwha Defense’s Redback AS-21 next-generation infantry fighting vehicle is undergoing field evaluation by the Polish Army. The conduct of this demonstration in Poland, which...

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