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Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese

Australian Strategic Defence Review moves to threat-focused strategy

Australia’s defence department released its long-awaited Defence Strategic Review (DSR) on 24 April 2023 that will transition the Australian Defence Force (ADF) toward a...
Aeronautics Orbiter 4

Affordable Maritime Patrol

While nothing is cheap in defence, a range of less expensive capabilities might be enough, especially if networked with allies. The Indo-Pacific region has...
Switchblade 600

Loitering with Intent

Loitering munitions have already proved their effectiveness in conflict and their development in terms of range and deployment methods continues to be explored. Loitering munitions...
Project Currawong

Latest Project Currawong equipment accepted

New communications equipment being delivered to the Australian Army under the Land 2072 Phase 2B programme – Project Currawong – has secured system acceptance. A...

Cutting Russia’s Component Pipeline

Published in the May/June 2022 Issue - Russian military capability is likely to suffer as its war in Ukraine continues. Increasing economic and industrial...

China Eyes World’s Reaction to Ukraine War

As Russian forces progress across the state of Ukraine seizing ever larger chunks of the country from the control of Kiev, the conflict there...
KRI Nagapasa (403), the first of three new Nagapasa-class submarines of the Indonesian Navy that was commissioned in August 2017. The second Ardadedali was commissioned in April 2018 and the third Alugoro entered service in April 2021. (TNI-AL)

Submarine Status

Operating submarines can enhance the reputation of the naval force employing them, but they should be properly funded and not just for show. Conventional submarines...
Evolved Cape-class patrol ships

SEA 3036 Phase 1 Guardian-class deliveries keep rolling out despite COVID

Austal is set to deliver its 15th Guardian-class Patrol Boat out of a total of 21 and is making progress on the manufacture of...
Offshore Patrol 60 concept design

Austal evolves OPV design to multirole

Austal has developed a new Offshore Patrol 60 concept design that was displayed for the first time at the Indo-Pacific 2022 exhibition in Sydney. Matt...
Ellida logistics ship design

Ellida offers logistical support ship for RAN SEA 2200 programme

BMT is offering its Ellida logistics ship design for the Royal Australian Navy (RAN’s) SEA 2200 joint support ship project. A spokesperson for BMT told...

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