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Luerssen corvette 2

Challenges Ahead for Australian and New Zealand Navies

The right type? The right capabilities? What is the need for both navies to readjust their fleets to face regional threats? The changing global strategic...
The future USS Jack H. Lucas

Fleet Force Protection

The increasing range and potency of A2AD defence, particularly the anti-ship missile threat, is leading navies to reconsider how individual ships as well as...
Naval Group - SETIS

CMS: More Inputs, Quicker Solutions

At the heart of any significant warship is the combat management system. Integration with other CMS is one of the directions that today’s developers...
The China Coast Guard

Has the China Coast Guard Reached Its Limit?

It appears that the China Coast Guard could have reached its limit in terms of size and utility. Within the space of a decade the...
The Indonesian Offshore Patrol Vessel KN Pulau Dana

Building Regional Response to Chinese Naval Build-up

Individual nations around the South China Sea, while not being able to match China’s maritime strength, are trying to add to, and modernise, their...

A Brain for Naval Combat

The increasing complexity of naval combat requires speed of assimilation now beyond a ship’s crew. The evolution of naval Combat Management Systems (CMS) and the...
Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese

Australian Strategic Defence Review moves to threat-focused strategy

Australia’s defence department released its long-awaited Defence Strategic Review (DSR) on 24 April 2023 that will transition the Australian Defence Force (ADF) toward a...
Aeronautics Orbiter 4

Affordable Maritime Patrol

While nothing is cheap in defence, a range of less expensive capabilities might be enough, especially if networked with allies. The Indo-Pacific region has...
Switchblade 600

Loitering with Intent

Loitering munitions have already proved their effectiveness in conflict and their development in terms of range and deployment methods continues to be explored. Loitering munitions...
Project Currawong

Latest Project Currawong equipment accepted

New communications equipment being delivered to the Australian Army under the Land 2072 Phase 2B programme – Project Currawong – has secured system acceptance. A...

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