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Issue 3 - Jun/Jul 21

U.S., Japan Sharpen Skills During Keen Sword 21

SOCPAC Keen to Share Joint Doctrine and Training

The return of Great Power competition means that US SOCPAC is more than ever seeking joint training opportunities with regional special forces. Special Operations Forces...

Indo Pacific UAV Directory 2021

The development of unmanned aerial vehicles is growing apace, especially in China. New longer range ISR platforms are also on the procurement list of...
Defiant X and Raider X Future Vertical Lift rotorcraft.

Military Rotorcraft Development

New rotorcraft are going to come with new abilities founded on open systems that provide easier upgrade paths and cheaper through life costs. The main...
Bonus Mk II PGM

Smart Munitions Increase Market Share

Top attack munitions are now widely developed for different artillery calibers with offering varied ranges. While aviation assets now employ precision guided munitions (PGM) and...
Wärtsilä 31 engine

Marine Engine Power – Not Just About Knots

Navies not only want more engine power, there are also coming under increasing pressure to become environmentally conscious. The power and propulsion (P&P) systems for...

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