Navy Tech 2023

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Integrated forces are increasingly reliant on the Naval component. Whilst sailors remain at the core of all operations, innovation and technology are making a tangible difference across multiple lines of development, be it underwater, on the surface or from the air.

Whilst the illegal invasion of Ukraine has predominantly focussed on land operations maritime elements have played a key role. Control of sea lines of communication, amphibious attacks, plus the launch of a variety of attack methods have highlighted both the vulnerability and opportunities for Navies.

Naval Technology 2023 aims to exploit these opportunities, bringing together the programme managers for technology areas. Failure to capitalise on these may not spell disaster, but suggests a Navy could quickly lose the initiative.

The event will start by defining the environment in which we operate, before exploring how best to align the find, strike, exploit concepts via enhanced sensors and effectors. These could be from land, sea or air but the effect will be the same; ensuring a Naval force that can protect its own interests whilst shaping the security environment around it.

Join us in Tallinn where a number of Naval Technology initiatives are underway to meet, learn from and work with a host of navies, organisations and industries that can help you get your programme where it needs to be.


november 7 (Tuesday) - 9 (Thursday)(GMT-11:00)


Tallinn, Estonia