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HAVELSAN to Launch Çaka S-KUSV at IDEF’23

HAVELSAN, a global leader in naval defense technology, is set to unveil its latest innovation, the ÇAKA S-KUSV (Submersible Kamikaze Unmanned Surface Vehicle), at...
China's A2AD

China’s Stealthy Area Denial

Is China already too far ahead with its A2AD strategy, or is it more of a political means to an end? When Low Observability (LO)...
amphibious forces

Amphibious Forces

Amphibious warfare has existed as a pillar of western military strategy since World War II, particularly after the experience of the U.S. Marine Corps...
Defiant X and Raider X Future Vertical Lift rotorcraft.

Military Rotorcraft Development

New rotorcraft are going to come with new abilities founded on open systems that provide easier upgrade paths and cheaper through life costs. The main...

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