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Naval Group - SETIS

CMS: More Inputs, Quicker Solutions

At the heart of any significant warship is the combat management system. Integration with other CMS is one of the directions that today’s developers...
st engineering

ST Engineering Showcases Tech and Innovation Advancements at Singapore Airshow 2024

Returning as the largest exhibitor at this year’s Singapore Airshow, ST Engineering is set to showcase its latest and innovative advancements, presenting cutting-edge technological...

Australia supports latest autonomous robotics demonstration under AUKUS banner

AUKUS security partners – Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States –have successfully validated integration of advanced autonomy and artificial intelligence (AI) in...

STARLIGHT: Illuminating the Way to Mission Success

Whatever the scenario - combat teams entering a hostile area, fighter aircraft approaching their targets in contested airspace, or rescue teams urgently looking for...

A Brain for Naval Combat

The increasing complexity of naval combat requires speed of assimilation now beyond a ship’s crew. The evolution of naval Combat Management Systems (CMS) and the...
K808 ‘Baekho’ 8x8 wheel armoured vehicle .

South Korea fields new Command Post Vehicles

The Republic of Korea Army (RoKA) has deployed a new 8x8 Command Post Vehicle (CPV) for the first time, the Korean Defense Acquisition Program...

RAN Melds Unmanned Systems Into New Model Navy

The Royal Australian Navy’s new strategy for developing unmanned surface and sub-surface systems delivers both capability and capacity to support the navy’s new fleet. Navies...

AI Cuts the Clutter

Artificial Intelligence is helping to assist the collection and analysis of SIGINT on and off the battlefield in an increasingly crowded electromagnetic spectrum. The term...

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