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Ghost Shark Program Announces Vital Australian Supplier Partnerships

Anduril is announcing partnerships with ten key Australian suppliers who are collaborating on the Ghost Shark program. Through these partnerships, Anduril is building a resilient...
XL-AUV concept (Anduril Industries)

Australian navy readies for the age of large underwater drones

Anduril Industries are negotiating a US$100 million deal with the Australian Defence Force (ADF) to design, develop, and manufacture extra-large autonomous underwater vehicles (XL-AUVs)...
TF 59’s commissioning ceremony

Integrating Unmanned Maritime Capabilities to Tackle Hybrid Threats

Western and regional navies operating around the Persian Gulf have for some time faced the challenge of hybrid threats, including from unmanned systems. Now...

Navies Surface Interest in Unmanned Systems

Published in the November/December 2020 Issue - Unmanned systems manufacturers are finding a responsive market for their products among navies in the Indo-Pacific region. The...

The Sad Song of MH370

The loss of Malaysia Airlines’ flight MH370 en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on 8th March 2014 was an event that not only...

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