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Interview with BAE Systems at DSA 2024

BAE Systems shows T-650 Heavy Lift UAV at DSA.
T-650 Heavy Lift Electric UAS Concept Vehicle

BAE’s Duo of Aerial T-650 and Maritime Developments Shown at DSA

BAE Systems is highlighting two new products at DSA, being held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The first, presented though BAE’s subsidiary Malloy Aeronautics, is...
Sukhoi SU-35 aircraft

The PRC’s Corruption Conundrum

President Xi made a promise to rid China of corrupt politicians and military leaders. Defence acquisitions have been examined in detail with irregularities found....
RSAF F-16D combat aircraft

Careful Modernisation

The Singapore Air Force is carefully modernising its complete fleet through a range of high-end current generation aircraft through to the latest upgrades for...
Fly-by and assorted vessels at the conclusion of the naval demonstration. (Andrew Drwiega)

Naval Sector Strong at Malaysia’s LIMA 23 Defence Show

LIMA 23 made a welcome return to the international event circuit boasting a heavy naval presence. Malaysia is one of the nations in the Asia...
Chinese Balloon-South Carolina

Balloon Beats the Beamers

A suspicious balloon launched by the People’s Republic of China crosses North America focusing attention on radar coverage of Canadian and American Arctic regions. The...

Filling the MPA Ga

The submarine club is growing in size; so cue the entry of a new maritime patrol platform. At the height of the Cold War,...
KF-21 Prototype

Vaulting Ambition

Airframers in the Asia Pacific region are transitioning away from building under license to developing their own platforms. The Asia Pacific region is the home...
BAE systems Royal Thai Navy

BAE Systems Provides Royal Thai Navy With OPV Development Options

BAE Systems has submitted a range of development options to Thai naval shipbuilder Bangkok Dock Company (1957) for future Krabi Class Offshore Patrol Vessel...

Singapore puts upgraded F-16s through the paces at Forging Sabre 2023

The Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) took the opportunity at the recently concluded Exercise Forging Sabre 2023 (XFS23) in the United States to showcase some...

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