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Project Currawong

Latest Project Currawong equipment accepted

New communications equipment being delivered to the Australian Army under the Land 2072 Phase 2B programme – Project Currawong – has secured system acceptance. A...
VBS4 screen image. (BiSim)

BiSim Offers Configurable Desktop Interactive Training

Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim) is a global software company at the forefront of simulation training solutions for defence and civilian organisations. The company uses...

Republic of Korea Expands Wheeled Combat Vehicle Fleet

The Republic of Korea took another step forward in its program of introducing its locally designed fleet of wheeled combat vehicles into Army service....

Receiving you Loud and Clear

Space-based communications and surveillance systems have become indispensable to armed forces in the era of networked warfare, which is premised upon reliable and efficient...

Managing the Modern Battlespace: Communications in Contested RF Environments

It’s a known reality that the battlespace is already a congested (and noisy) communications environment with increasing demands for limited spectrum to connect Warfighters,...

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