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Tactical Missiles Corporation Develops Anti-Drone Torpedo

Tactical Missiles Corporation (TMC) has presented at the International Maritime Defense Show (IMDS-2023) in the city of Kronstadt the latest naval weapons, including -...

Indian Air Force keeps Brahmos-A on high readiness

The Indian Air Force (IAF) continues to validate the capabilities of the Brahmos-A (air-launched) supersonic cruise missile, claiming a successful live-fire test of the...

India advances BRAHMOS supersonic cruise missile development

The Indian government’s Press Information Bureau (PIB) announced on 30 September that the country has successfully flight-tested a land-attack version of the BRAHMOS supersonic...

Sharpening The Tiger’s Teeth

The Indian Air Force (IAF) describes itself as a modern, technology-intensive force distinguished by its commitment to excellence and professionalism, and claims it is...

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